Project Sandrail A step-by-step buildup of a long-travel sandcar, from bare frame to finished car.

Tech Stuff

Thoughts and Ideas about design and construction 


A buildup if a long-wheelbase 4 seat beam car New stuff Dec 1st
NEW! Fabricating an aluminum turbo intake for a Ford 2.3 with an ESSLINGER aluminum head

Intake Fabrication

Fabricating a turbo intake for a Ford 2.3

Exhaust Fabrication

Fabricating a turbo exhaust manifold for a Ford 2.3
Electromotive EFI Installing an Electromotive Tec-II Electronic fuel injection on a Ford 2.3 Turbo

Lo-Buck Brake

How to make an inexpensive sheet metal brake from steelyard rems

Wire Gauge

A chart to help determine necessary wire gauges for specific current/length of wire applications
A table describing what metal looks like at certain temperatures


A collection of helpful or just plain amusing pages - calculate horsepower, spring rate, see a periodic table..etc.......
Our two weekend saga of barn building. Anyone interested in putting up a large, pre-fab steel building should read this! Spring 2004. 

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